Custom Designed, Custom Built

At TX Mobile Kitchens, we custom design and build each mobile kitchen to suit your needs. Most of our mobile kitchen clients can expect to spend $25k -$45K. The pricing varies due to size, equipment and other other special fabricated features which you may require.

We will work with you to design what you want and need but also keeping your budget in mind as well.

Considering a mobile kitchen?

The first step toward owning a mobile kitchen is to contact your local health department for their rules and regulations. These rules vary within each county/city/state. Knowing these rules ahead of time will make the process of designing your mobile kitchen more seamless and stress-free.

The minimum for almost all codes will require at least the following:

  • hand sink
  • 3 - compartment sink (w/ drain boards)
  • fresh water & gray water tanks
  • water heater
  • screened windows
  • durable,easy to clean, smooth and light colored surfaces
  • vent hood system ( in some units, depending on what you are preparing)
  • fire extinguisher

You will need to determine whether you will be mobile, temporary or semi-permanent. Rules for each of these will also vary depending on your locations.

Mobile kitchens vary in size. You will need to consider what size will work best for you, where it will be located and what you are pulling it with. Of course the equipment chosen for your trailer will affect this. We are prepared to help you decide what size will be the most beneficial to you. Adding two feet to your unit is a minimal cost when you consider it will give you more work room, storage area or room to add additional equipment as your business grows.

Most of our trailers can be pulled with a half ton vehicle and strong v-8.

We install only quality VentaHoods from HOOD MART. Click image below to see their products.


We'd love to hear from you!

When you contact TX Mobile Kitchens to discuss the design of your custom kitchen, we will need to gather some information such as - What you will be preparing, how many people will be working inside the trailer at any given time, what equipment you will need as well as all the above mentioned information.